Justinien Tribillon is a writer, researcher, editor and curator.

An urbanist, he's interested in understanding cities, their social fabric, the way they are governed and designed. Justinien has contributed feature articles in English to The Guardian, The Architectural Review, in French to AOC, writing for instance about wood architecture in Paris, the Suez canal or Bucharest uncanny wildlife reserves.

Justinien also works with designers, public and private sector organisations as a consultant on cities, design and cultural policy. Clients include the Mayor of London, We Made That, Transport for London, Architecture 00, TVK. Justinien was previously Associate Director for Europe at Theatrum Mundi.

Justinien received his PhD in urban studies from The Bartlett, University College London where he teaches urban studies to graduate and postgraduate students. Before joining UCL, Justinien trained in social science, design and urban policy at Sciences Po and the London School of Economics. Completed in 2022, his thesis titled The Boulevard Périphérique, anonymous oeuvre of the Parisian technocracy dissected the ring road of Paris as a design process at the crossroad of technical reason, social imagination and politics.

As an editor and publisher, Justinien co-founded and edited Migrant Journal. As a consultant editor or guest editor, he has recently worked for Flaneur, Atelier Luma among others. Upcoming books include Visible Upon Breakdown, co-edited with Offshore Studio and published by Spector Books (autumn 2023).

Justinien’s practice as an editor and curator is grounded in his social science background and aims at establishing connections across discourses, disciplines, geographies, and media. His main research themes at the moment focus on the sociology of plants, migration, the politics of technical artefacts, and invisibilised labour practice.

A participant in the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2021 with Welcome to Borderland, Justinien is currently curating and producing Jachères, an exploration of wastelands in the north of France by way of an exhibition, design research and a series of four experimental residencies held in Dunkirk.

In 2023–2024, Justinien will be a fellow at the Villa Medici, the French Academy in Rome. He will dedicate his fellowship to studying the subversive and creative act of the perruque, when workers create objects for themselves during their work time with the company’s tools.

Justinien is regularly invited to give talks and moderate panels on urbanism, architecture, publishing, migration. He has also been a guest lecturer and guest critique at Sciences Po, Columbia University GSAPP, HEAD — Geneva, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL; the Welsh School of Architecture, University of Cardiff; Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.